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Multiple-Selection Field With jQuery Unobtrusive Validation
ASP.NET MVC 3 comes with jQuery unobtrusive validation (if you are not familiar with jQuery unobtrusive validation, Brad Wilson has a good article ), an elegant way to implement client-side validation. After learning it, I start to use it widely in my...
Blocking Test of ASP.NET Session Reader Lock
I spent some time identifying the behavior of blocking of ASP.NET pages for session object locking, and Patrick’s “ Understanding session state modes + FAQ ” provides important information: Q: Does session state have a locking mechanism that serialize...
Posted 31 August 2011 10:32 PMJeffrey | with no comments 26,196
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Using deferred.pipe() to Play Animations Serially
jQuery 1.6 introduced deferred.pipe() to provide a easier way for chained actions, and the $.animate() started supporting “deferred” as well.  When I wanted to play jQuery animation effects of elements one by one, it often needed complex logic to...
Posted 03 August 2011 07:45 AMJeffrey | with no comments 11,618
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Inline Style ASP.NET MVC Validation Message
ASP.NET MVC provides a cool way to add client-side validation for create/edit view, only one thing is defective for me. I used a lot of "table-layout editor” UI in my web projects, like the snapshot below, and the validation messages will be appended...
Tracing ASP.NET MVC 3 RTM Source Code
Trying to understand how the magic model binding works in ASP.NET MVC, so I managed to include ASP.NET MVC 3 source projects to my solution, here are my steps to make ASP.NET MVC 3 RTM source code traceable: 為了搞懂ASP.NET MVC中神奇的Model Binding原理,花了點功夫讓我的專案可以納入ASP...
Posted 09 April 2011 09:40 AMJeffrey | 1 comment(s) 17,029
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Web Config ConnectionString Encryptor v0.9 Release Note
Since ASP.NET 2.0, web.cofig adds connectionStrings section to store database connection string and provides encryption function to secure the sensitive information (like database account and password). For example: <connectionStrings> <add name...
Posted 29 August 2010 04:59 PMJeffrey | 3 comment(s) 12,255
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Hide and Show Container Element of Silverlight Will Cause Reload on Browsers Besides IE
I found a strange behavior of Sivlerlight plugin on browsers besides IE. Check the blowing sample. There are a Silverlight application(XMLViewer.xap) inside a DIV which named dvSL and two buttons, btnShow and btnHide, with onclick event to set getElementById...
Posted 14 July 2010 01:55 PMJeffrey | with no comments 10,267
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jQuery Plugin for Silverlight 3
Gererally, Silverlight needs a <object> tag and a default error-handling function to be embedded in web page.  I always want to conver this job with jQuery plugin, so I tried to extract these HTML and scripting details from the Silverlight...
Posted 21 May 2010 09:50 AMJeffrey | 2 comment(s) 13,028
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jQuery 1.4 Solved The OnChange Event Issue of IE AutoComplete
IE's AutoComplete feature doesn't trigger onchange event is a well-known "by-design" behaviour: Using AutoComplete in HTML Forms To determine when a user updates the content of a field from the AutoComplete dialog box, use the onpropertychange...
Posted 08 March 2010 11:36 PMJeffrey | 6 comment(s) 25,163
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Mini C# Lab 1.4 Release
The primary new feature of Ver 1.4 is batch mode ! Now you can run Mini C# Lab program as a scheduled task, no UI interactivity is needed. Here are some batch argument examples: Load and execute x:\temp\test.cs, use the output to overwrie x:\temp\log...
Posted 05 March 2010 09:30 PMJeffrey | 6 comment(s) 13,542
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XMLDOM Extension Plugin for jQuery
It's surprising to me that we can use jQuery to query and manipulate XMLDOM cross browsers. Like the example below: var x = $( "<xml><rows><row a='ATTR'>FIRST</row></rows></xml>" ); x.find( "row"...
Posted 29 April 2009 06:43 PMJeffrey | 3 comment(s) 18,411
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Mini C# Lab ver 1.3 Release Note
After Mini C# Lab ver 1.2, I got several important feedbacks from community, a friend, elleryq, told me that there is a free software Snippet Compiler providing colorful formatting, line number, document outlining, method list dropdown, even Intellisence...
Posted 11 July 2008 07:23 AMJeffrey | 30 comment(s) 98,295
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Mini C# Lab ver 1.2 supports VB.NET now
After Mini C# Lab 1.1 was released, the most frequently asked quesitons are: 1) Could it support VB.NET? 2) Where is the source code? Now, here comes Mini C# Lab ver 1.2 and some wishful features are added. First, it supports VB.NET now! Yes, **VB.NET...
Posted 04 June 2008 07:20 AMJeffrey | 10 comment(s) 22,257
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Mini C# Lab Ver 1.1
After Mini C# Lab 1.0 was released, I got good suggestions from friends. I agree that these improvements can make Mini C# Lab handier, so I add some useful features to it, then the Mini C# Lab ver 1.1 is coming... New features: The *TERRIBLE* Ctrl-X shortcut...
Posted 30 May 2008 01:31 AMJeffrey | 5 comment(s) 16,602
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TOOLS-Mini C# Lab Ver 1.0
Did this ever occur to you? You wanted to write several lines of C# code to clarify some syntax or parameter format, or you needed a one-time program to process log files. You started Visual Studio 2005/2008, created a new console application project...
Posted 27 May 2008 02:56 PMJeffrey | 15 comment(s) 23,828
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